New Z3 Cymbals by Zildjian "Power, Projection and Playability" Zildjian introduces a new generation of the Z Series of rock cymbal instruments. Over two years in its development, the new Z3 Cymbal Series has finally achieved a new level of power and clarity with rock cymbals while maintaining an extraordinary abundance of sensitivity and response with these new instruments.

Z3’s have Zildjian's unique lathing process to create a more pronounced tonal groove design to improve projection and power potential. Zildjian’s brilliant finish and one-of-a-kind computer hammering process then finishes to a spectacular new look with a special symmetrical hammering design to enhance its playability and help create the most musically responsive instrument ever found within the rock cymbal genre.

Six ride cymbals
  • The 20" & 22" Z3 Medium Heavy Rides offer a great balance of stick articulation and overtones to create a ride sound that can power through any highly amplified rock or metal performance.

  • The 20" & 22" Z3 Rock Rides possess a tighter ride sound to help articulate your ride patterns even more. A larger bell design has been incorporated that will throw the ride’s sonic energy out into the audience even further.

  • The classic design of the Zildjian’s Mega Bell Ride continues to reside in the Z line via the new 21" Z3 Mega Bell Ride that still possesses the largest cymbal Bell in captivity and produces a bell sound that can cut through the thickest wall of rock amplification.

  • The 19" Z3 Thrash Ride supplies a "Wash of Overtones" effect of any current ride cymbal on the market today for those who love to shoulder ride their cymbals.

Four new hihat models

  • The 14" & 15" Z3 Hihats present a classic rock pairing of hihats with more volume potential and a faster response time than with any rock hats that have existed previously.

  • The 14" & 15" Z3 Mastersound Hihat models present an extra amount of "sizzle" with its outer edge design of individual contact points on the bottom cymbal to help supply a clear and defined "chic effect" each and every time. The design also adds extra high end "sparkle" to overtones when the cymbals are played partially open.

All hihats feature a medium top coupled with a heavy bottom for extra power.

The Z3 Medium Crashes have a precise and instantaneous crash response and are available in all sizes between 16" and 20" inches.
The Z3 Rock Crashes have the best power potential of any rock crash yet still remain extremely musical. The Z3 Rock Crashes come in all sizes between 16" and 19" inches with the 16" and 17" sizes having an extra large bell size for extra power and projection.

Z3 Splash cymbal
The new 12" Z3 Splash cymbal also incorporates a larger than normal bell design that offers a robust and cutting splash effect while still presenting responsive and focused accents.

Z3 China cymbals
The Z3 special effects models are found in the form of 18" & 20" Z3 China cymbals that offers the most power of any china cymbals in its class. The special hammering of the Z3 China allows it to have a lush full bodied sound with lots of focus and clarity.

Artists like Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Dave McClain (Machine Head), Matt Nicholls (Bring Me the Horizon), Ilan Rubin (NIN) and L.P (Valentines) all use these new cymbals. With over 25 new models to choose from, the new Z3 cymbals give a wide range of sounds to use. According to Zildjian, the Z3 cymbals equal Power, Projection and Playability.

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