Porter & Davies launch their smallest bass drum monitor BC-X is lighter, smaller and just as fast Porter & Davies launch their smallest bass drum monitor - BC-X is lighter, smaller and just as fast After four years of testing and developing, Porter & Davies launch a stripped-down version of their silent bass drum monitoring systems: the BC-X. It is a smaller version of the company's BC2 and BC Gigster. Porter & Davies build tactile monitoring systems to feel and experience their bass drum as well as hear it. It comes with a few simplified professional standard features and a very reasonable price.

Quality & Delivery
While producing a mini version of the standard that people are used to, P&D gave the BC-X the same quality, identical response time and many of the same superior components as the company's flagship BC2, BC2rm and Gigster systems.

The BC-X has the new TT1 Precision Devices Transducer built into the top of the throne. This uses bone conduction to deliver an accurate reproduction of what is being played, without sound. This TT1 transducer delivers seventy-five to eighty percent of the power and performance of the BC2 and Gigster systems. For such a small device, that is very decent, and many drummers will enjoy this level as well.

Actually, the new BC-X has less than a third of the weight of the BC2 and is more than ten percent lighter than the BC Gigster. The throne itself is a 13" all vinyl round seat that fits in the All-In-One Hardcase which is optional. The BC-X measures only 8" x 7.5" x 4" (20 cms x 19 cms x 10 cms) and it contains all the electronics: amp, preamp, inputs and outputs, protection circuitry, volume and tone controls. It is available in both 115 volt (North America and Japan) and 240 volt models.

All the reductions that feature the BC-X, also led to a reduced price of £479 plus VAT. However, the BC-X is only available at the Porter & Davies online shop.

All the BC-X specs
  • BC-X SpecDimensions: 20cm x 19cm x 10cm (8" x 7" x 4"), including rubber bumpers
  • Weight: 3.00 Kg
  • Cables supplied:
    - 2M power cable - fixed (variable: UK / EU / USA)
    - 2M Speakon NL4 throne link cable. Twin Axial, 140 x 0.15mm, OFC.
  • Power requirement: 230vAC (115vAC [USA etc]) 130W peak
  • Self-selecting combination XLR/JACK input:
    - Plug in an XLR for Mic in: 600 ohm electronically balanced P2 hot XLRF
    - Plug in a JACK for Line in: 10K ohm unbalanced tip: hot
  • Mic out: Hardwired parallel to mic in. XLRM balanced P2 hot
  • Line out: Hardwired parallel to line in. XLRM unbalanced P2 hot
  • Input gain:
    - Mic gain 0dB to +60dB infinitely variable
    - Line gain -20dB to +10dB infinitely variable
  • Signal Present indicator led, green: -30dB
  • Signal Peak indicator led, yellow: 0dB
  • Signal Limit indicator led, red: +12dB
  • Max output: 130W RMS / 4ohm 0.05%THD 20hz-18khz +/- 2dB.
  • BC-X Porter & Davies Throne top
    - 33cm across x 15cm deep
    - Weight: 4.00 Kg
  • Connection between Engine and Throne: Speakon NL4 to Speakon NL4
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