Win a 5-Piece DW Design Series signed by Bruno Mars & Band DW Drums Donates Prince Tribute drums to Grammy Museum Win a 5-Piece DW Design Series signed by Bruno Mars & Band The drumset that Bruno Mars drummer (and brother) Eric Hernandez played during the Prince Tribute AT the 59th Grammy Awards is donated to the Grammy Museum by DW Drums. The kit is a gloss white, DW Drums Collector's Series kit complete with Prince's iconic symbol hand-painted in gold leaf on the bass drum head. You can now enter for the chance to win a five-piece DW Design Series drumset yourself, including DW 5000 Series hardware complete with a bass drum head hand-signed by Bruno Mars and his entire band prior to their performance at the 59th Grammys. The drumkit is now on display in the Museum's lobby.

The Price
The drum set, worth $3800.00, is more than complete with hardware and drum throne included.
  • DW Design Series drumset
  • white lacquer finish
  • 10", 12" and 14" toms
  • 22" bass drum
  • 7"x14" snare drum finished in chrome hardware
  • DW 3000 Series hardware
  • single pedal
  • drum throne

How to win
No purchase necessary to enter the contest. There are two ways you can enter:

  1. in the lobby of the Los Angeles Grammy Museum at 800 West Olympic Boulevard, Suite A245
  2. online at:

"It was an honor to create this very special drumset for Eric Hernandez to play as part of Bruno Mars' incomparable tribute to Prince at the 59th Grammy Awards.

To have this set of DW drums included in the Grammy Museum's permanent collection ensures they will continue to be seen and enjoyed by countless visitors to the Museum for years to come, and it is DW's hope they will inspire the next Prince, Bruno Mars or Eric Hernandez."

- Drum Workshop, Inc. Executive Vice President and Drum Designer, John Good

"This donation is a huge milestone in the development of the Grammy Museum's permanent collection. This piece will help us continue to educate visitors on memorable moments in Grammy Awards history, while also placing a much-deserved spotlight on some of the great artists of yesterday and today.

We thank DW Drums, and Bruno Mars and his band, for this generous gift."

- Bob Santelli, Museum Executive Director
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