Meinl introduces Cymbal Tuners Benny Greb shows you how to use them Meinl introduces Cymbal Tuners Still patent pending, but designed in close cooperation with Meinl artist Benny Greb, the new Meinl magnetic Cymbal Tuners offer an easy way to tweak the sound of your cymbals. Simply place the magnets on the cymbals (mated top and bottom). By positioning the Cymbal Tuners in different spots on the surface, you can control the sustain, dampen the tone, adjust the volume, and optimize the sound of your cymbal to just the way you like it. And we can honestly say, this is a brilliant idea from Meinl fpr customizing the tone of your cymbals. We can't wait to check them out at NAMM 2017 in Anaheim, CA next week!

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