Hammerax puts vintage cymbals in the spotlights New video revealing a collection of old school models Hammerax has released a video revealing a collection of their vintage cymbals dating back to 2005. The video represents a rare look into some of the most daring and innovative cymbals ever produced.

In 2005 Hammerax began researching new methods of cymbalmaking- hammering and firing newly developed bronze alloys in ways yet unexplored.

John Stannard, Hammerax President recalls:
"We looked at thousands of cymbals to start, including classic vintage cymbals from the late forties, but the goal was to move away from traditional sounds right away."

The result was a wildy different approach to cymbalmaking, expanding the color palette of drummers and percussionists. Have a look and listen at sixty remarkable Hammerax cymbals:

All Hammerax products are 100% made in USA and patents registered or pending.

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