Vic Firth release Gregg Bissonette signature stick New 'Backbeat' drumstick model available now Vic Firth Co., manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets, has announced the new Gregg Bissonette 'Backbeat' Signature Stick.

Gregg Bissonette is one of the most versatile drummers in the music business. His broad experience ranges from big band to blues, rock, Latin, fusion, and much more. With an impressive list of television and movie credits to his name, as well as performances and recordings with an amazing variety of artists, Gregg is certainly one of the busiest drummers on the scene today. Explains Gregg:
"As much as I love my original signature stick for rock gigs and recordings, I found myself wanting and needing a stick that was more of an all-purpose model for the rest of the musical genres I find myself playing within. I am excited to say, we have designed a stick that fits the bill: plenty of front-end weight for power that works for me, not against me. I can play fast passages easily and no matter what style I play, I am able to get a great 'Backbeat' sound!"

The new Gregg Bissonette 'Backbeat' Signature Stick features a hickory 5B shaft with a front-end loaded neck and tip for a full sound on the bell of the ride. Slip-resistant Vic Grip provides superior hold for a confident backbeat and big drum sounds. With a length of 16" and a diameter of .590", this new model is a great all-around stick choice. Gregg:

"First and foremost, I have a great deal of respect for Vic as a person, percussionist and teacher. What he has created with this company is nothing short of amazing. I am so glad to say that I have been part of it all, since 1982!"

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