Simmons add new entry level drum kit: SD300KIT Full size 5-piece electronic drum kit Simmons, the first real electronic drum manufacturer, added a 5-piece beginner electronic drum set to their catalog: the SD300KIT. It is a setup primarily for rehearsals, practice and recording. The sound module features 10 drum kits, 179 custom sounds and 10 songs. It features Simmons' V.A.R. Variable Attack Response technology.

The SD300KIT has rugged 8" pads for snare and the three toms, as well as tough 8" cymbal pads for hi-hat, ride, and crash. It features an ultra-responsive hi-hat controller and kick pedal with integrated trigger. The SD300 Sound Module also features easy to use, intuitive navigation, stereo outputs, USB MIDI connectivity for easy tracking to DAW or sequencer software, and headphone outputs for private monitoring.

Simmons Product Manager Jim Norman:
"The new SD300KIT is the first electronic kit to truly deliver a true drumming experience, along with professional features and an incredible range of sounds, all for a very compact price."

SD300KIT features
  • 5-piece compact drum kit
  • Pads and Controllers
    – Rugged 8" pads for snare and 3 toms
    – Durable 8" pads for hi-hat, ride, and crash cymbals
    – Hi-hat controller
    – Kick pedal with integrated kick trigger
  • SD300 Sound Module
    – 179 custom sounds
    – 10 preset drum kits, plus user preset
    – 10 songs, plus one user song
  • Simple interface with easy and comprehensive navigation
  • Multi-pin pad connector
  • USB/MIDI computer connection
  • Stereo and headphone outputs
Simmons Electronic Drum Kits
Compared to the rest of the drum kits Simmons offers, the SD300KIT is a mid-class set that does exactly what it is designed for. These are all the Simmons Electronic Drum Kits:
  • SD1500KIT - Flagship Drum Kit
  • SD1000KIT - Advanced Drum Kit
  • SD500KIT - Full Size 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
  • SD300KIT - Compact 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
  • SD100KIT - 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
  • SD5Xpress - Full Size 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
The SD300KIT is available at Guitar Center stores and online via
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