British Drum Company launched Industry veterans start new drum company The British Drum Company is a new drum brand founded by acclaimed master drum maker Keith Keough, who has teamed up with Kasabian drummer Ian Matthews, military marching specialist Stu Warmington plus Alan Kitching, a product designer for many well-known global brands.

The British Drum Company will adhere to the proudest traditions of British drum manufacturing, only using British made shells, employing striking design and committing to constant innovation.

Based in Stockport, the drums made by Keith Keough and his team, will aim to become the byword for quality in drum production.

Hand crafted drum kits and marching drums will be at the core of the product range and will always look as beautiful as they sound.

The official product launch will take place at the London Drum Show next month; all products signed with the new distinctive British Drum Company stencilled 'b' badge.

About the team
Drum builder Keith Keough made a name for himself at KD Drums, building some of the most distinctive and sought after drums of the last decade. Keith then spent several years at Premier, his reputation growing. He held the position of the company's Head of Manufacturing and Design until he recently parted ways with Premier. Keith says:
"I have never felt so positive about a team of people or drum brand! The passion, drive and commitment for this new venture will be apparent throughout our new and exciting range of drums."

Ian Matthews, five-time no 1 album drummer from Kasabian and the company's first high-profile endorser, says:

"I am excited to be part of this amazing new project. A new company that not only embraces the held traditions of drum design, but to inspire and further the development of this wonderful instrument. To be part of that process is such a privilege, and to do it with this team is an honour."

Alan Kitching has been appointed as the company's Design Manager. With a Bsc Hons Degree in Industrial Design and Technology, Alan has a wealth of experience in manufacturing, engineering and innovative product design including 15 years as a senior design consultant with a leading UK consultancy. Taking a diverse range of products from initial concepts through to prototyping and final production. Alan's a keen drummer and drum engineer, director and owner of Bullet & Kitch Ltd developing drum pedals and designing hardware for various drum companies.

Stu Warmington has been named Head of Marching. A drummer with Her Majesty's Royal Marines Corps of Drums for 18 years Stu has travelled extensively around the world playing for the Royal Family and heads of state. Organiser of the Guinness World Record attempt for the World's Longest Group Drum Roll, Stu also co-founded the Highwaymen Drum Corps, one of the UK's most sought after Drum Corps after appearing on Britain's Got Talent in 2011. Owner of the Britannic Drummers, President of Britain's Traditional Youth Marching Band Association. Overseas Stu is the Percussion Advisor for the Liberty High School Grenadier Marching Band in Bethlehem, USA.

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