Cherisse Osei demos the new Yamaha electronic drum products The DTX-582K drums, KP-100 kick pad and the Touch App update Yamaha launched the DTX582K electronic drumset and an update of their DTX502 Touch app at the Musik Messe in Frankfurt. Already introduced at NAMM 2015, this new app update is available as free download, just like all the other Yamaha apps. At the Messe, Cherisse Osei demoed the latest version included in the video of her playing the DTX582K. We also added our introduction video to the app from NAMM this year. Jim Haler explains better than anyone else what the app can do musically, and in combination with the Yamaha drums. New functions added in version 2.0 are: the Hybrid-setup wizard, Save/Load One kit, and with direct access to to expand your DTX502 possibilities.

The free Yamaha iOS DTX502 Touch App
The DTX502 Touch app lets the user control all the features of the DTX502 module using their iOS touch-screen when connected via USB. It provides easy sound editing and layering for each pad of any kit to create up to 50 custom user kits. Custom Click, Menu and Trigger settings can also be saved and all user data is backed up inside the app.

Cherisse Osei shows the Yamaha DTX-582K and KP-100 kick pad
Click the videos with this article to watch Cherisse Osei demo the DTX582K in combination with the DTX502 Touch App. Jim Haler gives all the app info in the second video.

Cherisse Osei shows the Yamaha DTX-582K and KP-100 kick pad

All the DTX502 Touch features

Hybrid setup wizerd
Hybrid setup wizard is your own personal assistant that can help you quickly and easily combine acoustic and electronic elements together to make one composite sound.

Save&Load One kit
You can now backup and restore your favourite User Kits to and from the application.

Direct access to
Direct access to browse enabling you to download and install new User Kits directly from the website.

Smart view
Swipe to select any Kits. Control an extensive range of parameters from the modern graphical user interface, allowing you to fine tune the Yamaha DTX502 series to precision.

Pat costumizing
Create new kit configurations; assign new drum voices to each pad. And take total control by customising the parameters of each individual pad. Enables access to previously unavailable parameters such as pad tuning, cymbal and hi-hat size. Access the Tempo and Metronome settings with a single touch.

Mixing controll
Mixing and controll the sound balance with clear view.
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