LP introduces larger eyebolt cowbell mounts Spring-loaded and self-aligning mounting of Rock Cowbells According to LP, they did it. They took best known instrument in the world, the cowbell, and improved it. The new mounting assembly's eyebolt is spring-loaded and self-aligning, and accommodates 3/8" and 1/2" diameter tom arms. This new patent-pending mounting system is available on three models: the LP007-N Rock Bell, the LP008-N Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell and the LP009-N Rock Classic Ridge Rider Cowbell.

Latin Percussion's 8-inch black Rock Cowbells are manufactured in the USA, feature the new mounting system, and are manufactured from 14-guage steel, which provides added strength to withstand the hardest pounding. Designed for the drum kit player, they emit a rich, cutting sound that is low in pitch and moderately dry. The Rock Cowbell has an MSRP of $65.99.

The Rock Ridge Rider and the Rock Classic Ridge Rider feature the Jenigor bar—red or yellow, respectively—that dampens sound, reduces stick breakage and resists denting, have an MSRP of $84.99.

Mike Portnoy
"Of course, every band and song needs MORE COWBELL!!! But now you can even have MORE COWBELL POSITIONS! Latin Percussion's new design makes it easy to place your cowbell anywhere and in any position due to its locking spring-loaded eyebolt and its ability to now accommodate a larger tom arm."

Ray Luzier
"Leave it to LP to improve an icon. Faster set up and stronger fastening means it's not moving no matter how hard I hit, and the ½" diameter eyebolt takes the hell out of finding the right L."

Matt Sorum
"I've played the cowbell since my early days In Guns N' Roses; had to weld it to the stand. Problem solved with this cool, new updated version. A spring-loaded eyebolt that clamps on to a very sturdy tom arm, the ultimate Rock Cowbell for your kit: this is it."

Stephen Perkins
"Stop wondering if the cowbell will fit the 'L' bracket at the gig—the job is finished with this clamp—it always fits! It is so much easier to put a cowbell on tight and secure with this clamp. I know it's not going to move the rest the night—clamp it, stamp it smash it—great idea LP."
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