DW unveils first-ever direct drive pedal Built by DW's new division called DW Manufacturing Drum Workshop, Inc. has announced a new division of the company, aptly called DW Manufacturing. The arm of DW's award-winning California Custom Shop will be producing high-end, machined products under the newly created banner. The first offering is the Machined Direct Drive (MDD) bass drum pedal.

DW showed some prototypes of this new pedal at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany earlier this year (See these images).

The high-tech line has been designed from the ground up and represents a new level of craftsmanship and commitment to precision. MDD Project Head, Rich Sikra, explains:
"This Machined Direct Drive (MDD) pedal is a departure for us. The biggest challenge was nailing the geometry. We wanted this to be a direct drive pedal that most drummers could feel comfortable playing. Many direct drive pedals on the market today have a very specific feel. We wanted the MDD to simply feel good under your foot. We worked hard to avoid any hesitation in the stroke; it had to feel smooth and effortless."

Sikra continues explaining how DW's new division also incorporated their exclusive Floating Rotor Technology:

"This adds threaded bearings at the cam and supports so that the cam shaft floats. It's the key feature on our flagship 9000 pedals and it makes for a very quick, frictionless motion. The other key element on the MDD is the adjustability. We didn't want to load up this pedal with too many bells and whistles. The goal was to provide just enough adjustability, without making things too confusing or over-engineered. We feel that we've accomplished a level of simplicity, performance, and ease-of-use that should make these pedals appealing to drummers of every style and skill level."

The ample list of standard features includes: Optimized Fulcrum Geometry linkage, solid aluminum direct drive cam, Infinite Throw Adjustment, Vert (Vertical) sliding spring tension adjustment, Control Weight/Impact adjustable beater, perforated solid aluminum footboard, contoured solid aluminum heel plate, interlocking Delta hinge, floating rotor drive system, Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe Clamp, TBT (Threaded Bearing Technology), Quick Pivot adjustment, and more.

The double pedal model also employs a patented Force Technology Bearing at the universal joint for low latency auxiliary pedal action. Newly-designed DW MFG pedal bags are also included with both models.

DW Founder and R&D Chair, Don Lombardi, concludes:

"DW was founded on a desire to offer the best tools possible to drummers. Our new pedal is proof positive that we can deliver the latest drumming technology to today's marketplace and continue to make it here in California."

Retail price for the MDD single pedal is $799.99 and MDD double pedal is $1666.99.

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