Michael Schack launces new Roland clinic tour Demonstrator will "push your drumming" Good news for all drummers in the Benelux: renowned artist, long-time Roland demonstrator and all-around great guy Michael Schack embarks on a new V-Drums clinic tour titled 'De Uitwisseling - Push Your Drumming'.

Push Your Drumming is a new V-Drums clinic concept developed by Michael Schack. This clinic is to inspire and encourage more creativity and learning skills behind your drum set. Therefore it makes absolutely no difference whether you're playing a big expensive drum set or a smaller and more affordable model.

Michael strongly believes the more you get from your drum set, the faster you can become a better drummer.

This half hour clinic is - of course - packed with drum action but also with concrete educational drum, playing tips, and exercises!

Each visitor will get a free lanyard with a free USB key full of drumming exercises, inspiring playalong music, and customised TD-11 and TD-15 kits that were personally designed by Michael himself!

During the clinic Michael will play on the entry-level and mid-range V-Drums, such as the TD-11 and TD-15 set. He'll also play the brand new TD-1 Series V-Drums when sharing tips and tricks.

Almost needless to say that Michael will combine the V-Drum kits with a variety of add-on instruments that are often used nowadays, such as laptops.

The #pushyourdrumming tour throughout Benelux starts this Wednesday. Entrance is free of charge. Confirmed dates and locations are as follows:
  • September 18 - Key Music België in Sint-Niklaas (BE)
  • September 23 - Drumland Lijnden (NL)
  • September 24 - Metronoom Brugge (BE)
  • September 15 - Key Music Herentals (BE)
  • October 4 - Verspuy Rotterdam (NL)
  • October 7 - Drums & Co Gits (BE)
  • October 8 - Key Music Eindhoven (NL)
  • October 9 - Music All In Noordwijk (NL)

Here's a short promo video (spoken in Dutch) by Michael Schack:

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