New Sakae endorsers in UK unveiled Japanese drum brand reveals new artists Sakae Drums has added Richard Jupp of Elbow, Phil Gould of Level 42, and Mamas Guns/session drummer Jack Pollitt to its line-up of UK endorsers.

Elbow's drummer and co-songwriter for more than twenty years, who used to be a Yamaha artist, states: "Moving to Sakae was a logical choice." Richard now plays Sakae Trilogy drums with a Mint Oyster finish.

Phil Gould garnered significant acclaim after his work on global hit single Pop Muzik by M, before founding Level 42, who achieved a number of international hits.

Comments the accomplished recording artist, who previously endorsed Tama:
"I feel very privileged and proud to become part of the Sakae family at this exciting time in the company's already illustrious history. These great drums represent everything I've been looking for to make the step forward in both my playing and in my sound."

Jack Pollitt, previously endorsing Premier Drums, has spent the past five years in the band Mamas Guns, who have topped the charts in Japan, South Korea and Germany among other countries. As a session musician, Jack has worked with artists and producers such as Beyoncé Knowles, Pharrell Williams, Ed Sheeran, Beverly Knight and David Arnold. He also performed the drum track for Beyoncé's hit Green Light. Jack says he is really excited to be playing Sakae Drums:

"As a company, their high quality and attention to detail is famous, but the new ranges of drums, such as the 'Trilogy' which I am now playing, is the start of a whole new chapter in fantastic drum building."

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