Limited Neil Peart and Chad Smith cymbals 300 Sabian Limited Edition Graphic available While Sabian has on occasion produced graphic cymbals for high-profile artist tours and special events, they have not been available for consumers to purchase. Until now, while quantities last! Sabian offer a limited release of the Neil Peart 22" Paragon Steampunk Ride and the Chad Smith 19" RHCP-Edition Holy China in North America only.

The cymbals will be well-known to fans of Rush and the Red Hot Chili Peppers alike - they received a huge burst of fan attention during both the Rush 'Clockwork Angels' and the Red Hot Chili Peppers 'I’m With You' tours, during which Sabian social media sites were inundated with fans asking where to buy the unique graphic models.

As a result of the huge demand, Sabian decided to produce a limited run of 300 of each cymbal in 2013 for Canada and the US. Although both are current production models, these cymbals are printed with an original, eye-catching graphic, and each one is hand-numbered under the bell and packaged in a deluxe custom bag with certificate of authenticity.

The cymbal details
  • 19" AA Holy China - Red Hot Chili Peppers logo (SKU :21916CSBCP)
  • 22" Paragon Ride - Neil Peart-design Steampunk graphic (SKU :NP2214BSP)
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