Skype with the Sabian Sound Team Get professional sound advice from the experts Do you have questions about your setup? Or want advice on what cymbals would work for you? The Sabian Sound Team is available for all the questions you have. A unique opportunity to talk to some of the best in the industry. Chris Delisa, Greg Zeller and Bob Rupp have decades of first-hand knowledge and experience in the drum industry under their belts. On the Sabian website you can sign up for a live chat with one of the experts. Starting July 15, the Sound Team representatives will be available on several dates and times. Don't miss out on this when your stuck with your sound.

In order to further tap into the experience and knowledge these three Sabian field reps have acquired over many years on the road, their roles have been expanded to allow for a greater focus on marketing. Sabian's Vice President of Marketing, Stacey Montgomery-Clark:
"Bob, Chris and Greg will be more directly involved in the development and execution of our marketing focus. As a result, we have formalized this team structure and named it the Sabian Sound Team."

Also, launching first in North America, the Sabian Sound Team will have more - and closer - direct customer interaction, working at specialized events, promotions and shows to help customers and dealers select cymbals and sounds. Bob Rupp is enthusiastic:

"Its a way to better help customers and potential customers learn more about our cymbals and the sounds available to them in the Sabian product line."

Click here to sign up for a Skype call with Chris, Greg or Bob
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