Scymtek Cymbals launches Vintage series Unlathed cymbals with aggressive hammering and raw finish Scymtek, short for Spaun Cymbal Teknologies, is introducing a new cymbal range: the Vintage series. Every Scymtek cymbal is a 100% hand-made, hand-hammered instrument, crafted from premium quality B20 bronze at their foundry in Turkey.

The new cymbals are unlathed, with aggressive hammering and a raw finish. It all works together seamlessly to create the dark, dry, articulate voice of the Vintage Series.

Brian Spaun, president and ceo of both Scymtek and Spaun Drums, has this to say about Scymtek's newest B20 bronze beauties:
"Our Vintage Series is a great choice for those seeking lush dark tones with increased stick definition. They offer a perfect blend of both high-definition sticking with just the right amount of warm undertones. A great choice for jazz, funk, r&b and studio work."

Sizes and pricing
Ride cymbals are available in sizes 20" ($475), 21" ($525), and 22" ($575). Hi hats come in sizes 13" ($475) and 14" ($550).

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