Paiste new Signature 'Precision' demo video New cymbal range premieres at Musikmesse 2013 The launch of Paiste's new Signature 'Precision' cymbal series at the Musikmesse 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany, was without a doubt one of the most important music product introductions for drummers at the music show.

Signature alloy
Announced as the new alternative for Paiste Signature players, Paiste created the new series using its proprietary Signature Alloy.

According to the company, the Signature 'Precision' range features the typical hallmarks of Paiste's original Signature sound: brightness, fullness, strong presence and projection, with brilliant musicality.

Musikmesse product video
Christian Wenzel, Artist Relations Manager and Product Specialist for Paiste, demonstrated the new cymbals at the Musikmesse. Watch and hear the brand new Signature 'Precision' cymbals in a basic set-up of 16, 17 and 18 inch crashes and a 20 inch ride.

The 14 inch hi-hat seems suitable for a wide range of musical styles. The 14 inch sound-edge hi-hat has a bit more sharpness and an intense chick sound, thanks to the typical sound characteristics of Paiste's wavy bottom cymbal innovation.

The 10 inch splash and 18 inch china provide versatile effect sounds.

Two thin crashes in sizes 16 and 18 inch, are developed for playing in settings that ask for lower volumes. If you more of a hard-hitter, you should check out the 22 inch heavy ride cymbal with a cutting bell.

Formula 602 'Modern Essentials'
At the Musikmesse, Paiste also presented the new Formula 602 'Modern Essentials' cymbal range for the first time in Europe. The series, co-developed with Vinnie Colaiuta, premiered at the NAMM Show in January. Watch six videos of Vinnie talking and demonstrating the new line.
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