Industry veteran launches Kelley Percussion David Kelley starts drum-focused distribution company Drum and percussion industry veteran David Kelley has launched a new drum-focused, US-based distribution company called Kelley Percussion.

The new company is building on David's sales and marketing experience with top companies such us Yamaha, Sabian, Tycoon and others, plus his extensive background as a professional drummer and teacher.

The startup marks a major expansion of David's successful international distribution business as well as an increased commitment to serving the growing needs of the US music market. Comments David:
"Our goal is to develop and distribute popular and profitable drum products quickly, efficiently and economically. In addition to being able to ship from our warehouses in Chicago and Miami to anywhere in the country, our team includes a talented group of inside and outside sales reps with years of hands-on experience in serving drummers and drum dealers. To my knowledge, we're the only percussion specialty distributor in the US that's so focused on the needs of today’s drum market, as well as tomorrow’s."

Kelley Percussion features a broad catalog of drums and accessories— from up-and-coming companies including Drumcraft, Black Widow, Sonic ReVision, Cymbag and Cympad to established brands like Vater, Innovative Percussion, Mike Balter and Regal Tip. Kelley Percussion is also the exclusive US distributor of the full line of electronic drum and keyboard instruments from Medeli Electronics.

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