Ahead introducing Bell Brass snare drums Cast-brass, 6x14 inch snares with two different finishes Big Bang Distribution has added two new Bell Brass models to its collection of Ahead snare drums. The heavy, cast-brass, 6x14 inch drums are available in black on brass and polished brass finishes. The new snare drums are fully loaded with a Dunnett R-40 snare throw-off, Fat Cat snares, S-Hoop counterhoops, Tight Screw tension rods and Remo drumheads.

Known for their dry, powerful sound and superior sensitivity, snare drums made from Bell Brass shells have been coveted by drummers for the past forty years.

Ahead's design, production methods and quality control have been combined to create these new, high-end snare drums at a price-point that is more accessible to all serious players with a a suggested retail of $999.99 (that's including a matching Ahead Armor Snare Drum Case).

Ahead Bell Brass snare drums are distributed exclusively by Big Bang Distribution and available at leading drumshops.
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