Paiste announces new RUDE Wilde Chinas Three new models developed with Joey Jordison Swiss cymbal maker Paiste introduces three new RUDE Wild China models, developed in close collaboration with Joey Jordison (Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Murderdolls). RUDE is the synonym for powerful, cutting and energetic sounds.

Once developed for punk and heavy metal, the RUDE series was Paiste's first cymbal purposely not lathed generating maximum volume. Their ever increasing popularity continues today, hence Paiste expands the program with three new models.

According to Paiste, the 16", 18" and 20" RUDE Wild Chinas are able to cut with an extremely aggressive attack thru the loudest environments:
"The sound character is raw, metallic and wild. Compared to the classic RUDE Chinas, the roaring crash sound of the Wild models is dryer and even more untamed."

Visually noticeable is the comparatively small and round bell as well as it's deep hammering pattern; hallmarks of the 2002 Wild China:

"This pattern is what gives this cymbal its unconventional and exotic sound effect. The RUDE Wild Chinas reach higher dynamic levels and offer an added essential sound color for loud drummers."

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