TRX extends outreach to Latino drum community Cymbal company adds Mexican artists plus key personnel With the signing of iconic Mexican drummers Alvaro Lopez, Roberto Serrano, Christian Gomez, Ruben "Tambis" Zarate, Winston Marcos and Bruno Ramirez plus the involvement of two of Mexico's leading drum sales, marketing and artist relations specialists, the TRX Cymbal company is expanding its commitment to bring its handcrafted cymbals to the Latino drumming communities in North, Central and South America.

Not only are Alvaro, Roberto, Christian, "Tambis", Winston and Bruno popular and influential among drummers throughout Mexico, they are also representative of the growing number of drummers around the world who have chosen to play TRX Cymbals for their live and recorded performances. Explains Mexican drumming legend Alvaro Lopez:
"I play TRX Cymbals because TRX has the quality and selection that allows me to sound my best in every situation."

The up-and-coming cymbal company already had a number of Latin-American endorsers on its roster, including Tino Arteaga (Of Mice & Men), Mike Fuentes (Pierce The Veil), Felipe Rodriguez (Rell Holland), Chris Martinez (Cardio Kazan) plus independent artists Jacob Vera and Paul Martinez.

The company's increased support for players in Central and South America marks a major expansion of its commitment to the contemporary Latino drumming community. TRX President David Levine explains:

"Along with young rock, urban, metal and women players, Latino drummers are a very important, but vastly under-appreciated, part of modern drumming. They also happen to represent one of the largest and fastest growing segments of the drum market. Our goal is to raise awareness and visibility for these great drummers and their contributions as well as our brand."

New personnel
TRX has also announced that music industry veterans Eduardo Martinez and Adrian Leyva will now be handling TRX sales, marketing and artist relations for Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Eduardo, who is based in Mexico City, is a drummer who has been involved in the music business for more than 18 years. He previously worked with Hermes Music, Vari, Rep de Audio, and Pearl Drums.

Adrian is also a drummer and former drumshop owner with extensive retail and performance experience in Ciudad Juarez.

Along with TRX's presence in the United States, the new TRX Mexico team brings a new level of knowledge and professionalism to drummers and dealers throughout the Central and South American region.

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