Roland: new V-Tour series electronic drums TD-15K and TD-15KV mid-range kits revealed Roland debuts with two new mid-range kits at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. The TD-15KV and TD-15K are the the latest additions to Roland's V-Tour series in the company's lineup of V-Drums electronic percussion products.

Behavior Modeling
The brain behind the TD-15KV and TD-15K kits is the TD-15 drum sound module, which delivers brand-new, ultra-expressive percussion tones with SuperNatural sounds produced by Behavior Modeling technology. Beyond the physical modelling of instruments, Roland goes a step further with Behaviour Modelling by modelling the instrument's distinctive behaviour and how it responds to the performer, resulting in natural, expressive sounds that evolve organically in real-time. Originally introduced in Roland's flagship V-Drums V-Pro series, this technology is now also available in the V-Tour series.

TD-15 drum sound module
The TD-15 module has 500 instruments and 100 user-customizable drum kits, plus an ambience feature. Ten multi-effects are provided for processing drum sounds, and the front panel offers dedicated buttons for tuning, muffling, and effects. There are 11 trigger inputs, plus a click output that can be assigned to the headphone or master outputs.

The drum module offers a large LCD and the intuitive V-Drums V-Edit interface for quick navigation and sound customization. Coach and Quick Rec functions help build drumming skills, while two different USB ports allow users to play audio files from convenient flash media and connect directly to computers for MIDI/Audio over USB.

TD-15KV features
In addition to the TD-15 module, components in the TD-15KV set include two new PDX-100 mesh-head V-Pads for the snare and floor tom.

The PDX-100 is a lightweight 10" mesh head V-Pad with an advanced dual-trigger sensor, a metal rim hoop, a tensionable head, and a compact casing. For perfect positioning, the dual-mounting capability increases your setup versatility.

TD-15KV also comes with two PD-85 mesh-head V-Pads for the rack toms, and the VH-11 V-Hi-Hat.

TD-15K features
The slightly more compact and affordable TD-15K set offers two PDX-8 mesh-head V-Pads for the snare and floor tom, two PDX-6 mesh-head V-Pads for the rack toms, and the FD-8 hi-hat controller.

Features in both kits
Other components in both kits include the a KD-9 kick trigger pad plus the CY-12C V-Cymbal, a crash cymbal with choke control. The CY-13R/C V-Cymbal offers three-way triggering for edge, bow and bell.

Optional: MDS-9V drum stand
Designed for the V-Tour series, the MDS-9V is a stable four-leg drum stand with adjustable ball clamps for cymbal arms/snare mount and tilt mechanism for hi-hat mount arm. You can adjust the position of the cymbals and toms freely for the ideal ergonomic setup. Please not that the MDS-9V drum stand is sold separately.

About the Musikmesse
The Frankfurt Musikmesse is Europe's leading, international fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and music business connections. Here, you will find a complete range of products with everything required for making music, not to mention innumerable workshops, concerts, demonstrations and discussion events. The Musikmesse 2012 takes place from March 21 to 24 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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