Lars Ulrich settles labor lawsuit with former aide Metallica drummer comes to terms with Steven Wiig Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has settled a court case with former assistant Steven Wiig Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has settled a court case brought by a former employee who claimed that Ulrich underpaid him for his services as a personal assistant, driver, and general gofer.

Steven Wiig, a 38-year-old Sausalito resident and drummer for a band called Papa Wheelie, had what would be for millions of metalheads worldwide a dream gig: he managed Ulrich's art collection, drove him around, arranged his social calendar, and accompanied him and the legendary metal band on tour.

But Steven felt Lars underpaid him for years and filed the lawsuit in February, seeking unspecified damages for alleged state and federal labor violations, breach of oral contract and continuing wages.

Steven claimed he worked up to 70 hours a week while Lars was in Marin and up to 80 hours a week while Metallica was on tour. Steven said he was paid $45,000 a year and had an oral agreement for annual bonuses.

The drummer's former assistant says he did not receive bonuses in 2006 and 2008, and when he left the job in February 2009, he was not paid for the accumulated overtime he was owed. Steven says he received a "partial bonus" of $20,000 in December 2010.

The drummer disagreed, saying that Steven was in fact paid $110,000 a year before bonuses and received a free car and free rent.

The lawsuit was filed in Marin Superior Court, and a status conference had been set for Monday, but the case was settled earlier this month.

Lawyers for Ulrich and Wiig both declined to comment on the terms of the settlement.
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