Drummers "Beat for Peace" in Sudan Stewart Copeland and colleagues support campaign Drummers unite for peace in Sudna: NICK MASON from PINK FLOYD, PHIL SELWAY from RADIOHEAD, STUART COPELAND of THE POLICE, RICHARD JUPP from ELBOW and JONNY QUINN of SNOW PATROL have joined forces to launch sudan365.org The Police's Stewart Copeland, Radiohead's Phil Selway, Pink Floyd's Nick Mason and Snow Patrol's Jonny Quin are among some of the famous drummers who have added their support to a campaign striving to keep the peace in Sudan.

The Beat for Peace campaign is a film which calls for an end to conflict in the African country after millions died in the civil war there. The campaign is designed to urge world leaders to take decisive diplomatic action over the next 365 days to prevent all-out conflict returning to the Sudan.

Jamie Catto, filmmaker and a drummer himself, explains why he made a film with celebrity drummers from Radiohead, The Police and Pink Floyd picking up a drumroll beginning in the war torn country and turning it into a global drumbeat to remind politicians of the delicate peace in Sudan:
"The violence that could kick off there is so horrific, on a par with Dafur and everything. Hundreds of thousands dying and being displaced. Could we drum up an idea, something that could get everyone’s attention so that this year is focussed fully on making sure there isn’t horrific violence there, in all the kinds of ways that it could kick off."

Also supporting the campaign and participating in the video are Caroline Corr, Evelyn Glennie, Yehia Khalil and Mustapha Tettey Addy:

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