Bram Hakkens videos at the Meinl factory New Meinl endorsee picking his cymbals Bram "La Bam" Hakkens of Dutch Hiphop sensation Kyteman is the newest member of the Meinl Cymbal Artist Family. On July 31, Bram spent a day at the Meinl Factory in Gutenstetten, Germany where he handpicked his new Byzance Jazz Series Cymbals. was at present, documenting a special, private Meinl moment the company has with artists. Bram has a very specific choice in cymbals. He even rearranges the standards by using 17" crashes as hihats. Read and watch all about his first moments in becoming a Meinl endorsee.

Guided by Norbert Seamann, Meinl Artist Relations and Events Manager, Bram and spend a day at the Meinl factory. In a later article we will give you all the insides of the factory and how Meinl cymbals are produced, handled and shipped. This article features Bram Hakkens, picking his cymbals as a new endorser of the German cymbal and percussion manufacturer.

"Smaller cymbals? Not really my thing..."
Bram's choice in cymbals is different of what mosts drummers are used to. He even rearranges the standards by using diffrent cymbals for all regular standards in the market. For instance, his 'regular' hihat cymbals are at least 17", with a weight that is quite light, but has a lower sound. His ride cymbal is a 22" crash Byzance Brilliant finish. All confirming the sound and style Bram creates in the diversity of the music that he plays.

Bram, why do you play these different types of cymbals where others use regular sized ones?
"Different??? Well, you should know this: everybody is always talking about a big sound. So I thought, why not use BIG cymbals for it? It works the best and fits the best."

Norbert, could you describe Meinl's excitment in having him as your knew artist?

"Bram's style of playing really fits our Byzance Jazz and Traditional Series. I was not only blown away by how they sound when he played them, but more by his groove and musical hip-hop beats. Our ultimate goal is to supply the perfect cymbal sound for every drummer for maximum of inspiration with which they can freely unfold their creativity. We're honoured and excited that Bram found his inspiration here with our cymbals."

In the videos below, you see Bram selecting a range of Meinl cymbals, and testing that variety in the Meinl drum studio. Finally, he will present his first choices for his setup. You will have a surprising moment as well, when Norbert Seamann reveales the company has buried cymbals in the ground six years ago. The date of exavation is still unknown: it is somewhere in the Meinl agenda many more years from now.

Bram Hakkens first Meinl choices
Bram's Meinl setup has non-regular cymbals. It is an unusual setup, but most effective playing his music. With the different styles in music he plays, he will be using the appropriate cymbals for the music as well. Hence, he is using several sizes, series in weights and sounds of the Meinl cymbals that suit the music he plays best.

  • Hihat top: 17" Byzance Jazz Thin Crash
  • Hihat bottom: 17" Byzance Jazz Thin Crash (Brilliant finish)
  • Crashes: 22" Byzance Jazz Medium thin ride
  • Ride: 20" Byzance Medium crash

Bram Hakkens' videos at Meinl

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Bram is the drummer of Kyteman's Hiphop Orchestra and with the solo performances of Moke-drummer Rob Klerkx as a frontman. The coming few months he will be touring with Pete Philly & Perquisite and during all the live shows he is recording for different artist and initiatives like 'In a cabin with...'

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