Nile drummer featured on Cerebrum's debut George Kollias makes guest appearance Nile drummer George Kollias featured on Cerebrum\'s debut album Nile drummer George Kollias makes a guest appearance on Cerebrum's upcoming debut album, 'Spectral Extravagance'. The Greek tech-prog death metallers recently inked a deal with Lacerated Enemy Records and will release their first album later this year.

The 'Spectral Extravagance' track listing is as follows:
  1. Fragments Of Illusion
  2. Scatter-Brain
  3. Pattern Of Fear
  4. Intolerable Ado
  5. Epiphysis Thrive
  6. Edge Of Parallel Circles
  7. Beyond Imagination
  8. Thorns Of Weakness
  9. Salvia Divinorum
  10. The Prologue Of Completion (instrumental)
  11. Shreds Of Remains

Watch George Kollias record some of the drumtracks for the Cerebrum song Pattern Of Fear:

A press release states:

"Fans of Pestilence, Atheist, Death, Cynic will love this hybrid machine of classic old-school techno death metal of '90s mixed with modern touch of nowadays death metal."

George Kollias released his first instructional dvd, called 'Intense Metal Drumming', in 2008. This dvd presents over three hours of instruction, insight, excercises and all-out intense metal drumming including blast beats, double bass, and fills.

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