Mike Joyce: "Smiths re-union very doubtful" Former Smiths sticksman denies rumours Former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce: \ Mike Joyce, who rose to fame as drummer for The Smiths, has denied increasing rumours that the Manchester legends are about to get back together.

The drummer said in a recent interview with radio station XFM:
"It’s very, very doubtful that anything like that would happen. If it would happen, it would be quite interesting, but I doubt it very much. Morrissey famously said he’d rather eat his own testicles than get the band back together and that’s something coming from a vegetarian."

Last month, newspaper The Sun reported that the Smiths would be reforming to play at the Coachella Festival in 2009. According to guitarist and songwriter Johnny Marr these rumours are "rubbish".

A Smiths compilation called 'The Sound of The Smiths' was released on 10 November 2008.

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