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Ex-Poison Idea drummer arrested for robbery Steve Hanford demanded prescription drugs Former Poison Idea drummer Steve Hanford arrested for robbery Steven Judd Hanford, better known as "Thee Slayer Hippie", ex-drummer of Poison Idea and Final Warning, among other punk groups, was arrested for allegedly being involved in a series of armed robberies. Police arrested the drummer following a tip from Crime Stoppers. Steve will appear in court next Wednesday.

Apparently the drummer, 39, had entered several pharmacies while carrying a knive, demanding prescription drugs.

The suspect was described as a white male, late 30's, 6'0" tall, 200 pounds, with gray hair and brown eyes. He walked "hunched" over and appeared to be wearing a wig with a long ponytail.

Steve Hanford is the second drummer who was recently arrested for armed robbery. Last month drummer Steve Washington was jailed for four years for holding up a bank. He pretended to carry a gun with a gift-wrapped tom holder. See also this news item.
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