Antonio Sanchez added to Hudon's Master Series Second release in acclaimed dvd series Antonio Sanchez added to Hudon\'s Master Series The second release in Hudson Music's acclaimed Master Series features progressive Latin, Jazz and Fusion drummer, Antonio Sanchez. The three-hour dvd illustrates the technical mastery, advanced musical concepts and exquisite musicianship that have made Antonio Sanchez one of the most in-demand players on the contemporary drumming scene.

Throughout the presentation, Antonio's demonstrations and discussions underscore his central philosophy of playing to meet the needs of the music whether as an accompanist or soloist and regardless of musical style.

In an intimate master-class setting, Antonio Sanchez interacts with an audience of drum players and students and displays his versatile skills in the context of challenging songs and incredible solos; performing selections from his work with The Pat Metheny Group and Chick Corea as well as his own compositions.

Antonio's playing reveals his advanced musical and melodic approach to drumming and his knack for adapting conventional techniques to create interesting new sounds and rhythms.

Interspersed between flawless performance segments the drummer discusses his early fascination with the drums, Antonio Sanchez' exposure to a wide variety of musical influences and how he was able to integrate his experiences to develop his own unique style.

Topics include: practicing, hand technique, motivic development and composition, left-foot and odd-meter clave, playing stylistically, developing independence, soloing, professionalism and the importance of having a positive attitude.

Also included is a special audio track with Antonio's Spanish language translation and a printable eBook of practice exercises.
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