Bob Bryar suffering from longterm wrist injury My Chemical Romance drummer explains cancelled show Bob Bryar suffering from longterm wrist injury: My Chemical Romance drummer explains cancellation university show My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar is suffering from a longterm wrist injury, forcing the band to cancel a university show recently.

The emo/pop-punk band felt the wrath of Maine University's student body when they pulled the show at the last minute due to a "medical issue", although they did play a gig the following day.

Explains Bob Bryar on My Chemical Romance's MySpace page:
"We are very sorry about cancelling our recent show in Maine. I have been having many problems with my wrists over the past few years. They have been getting worse but I kept playing. I have seen many doctors to get some relief so I wouldn't have to stop playing. I guess I pushed it too hard this time. I went through a process to control the swelling and attempted to play the show with Bon Jovi the next day. The Bon Jovi show was really bad for me - I was dropping sticks and could barely hit my drums."

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