Benefit gig for ex-Magnum drummer Kex Gorin's fight to prolong life Tribute gig for ex-Magnum drummer: Kex Gorin\'s fight to prolong life Kex Gorin, former drummer with British band Magnum, is battling against cancer. Tragically the National Health Service are flatly refusing to fund Gorin's much needed cancer drug, Sutent, despite the drug being hugely effective and freely available as a first line treatment in other parts of the UK.

Gorin is currently having to fund the drug himself - to the tune of £ 2,700 every six weeks.

Bilston Robin 2, December 10, 2007
A benefit gig has been arranged at the Bilston Robin 2 in Wolverhampton on December 10 to make sure Gorin continues to get the treatment he needs. As well as featuring a yet-to-be-named "major UK band" and special guests, there will be an auction of music memorabilia. Many of Kex's fellow musicians and friends have helped by donating many items.

Tickets are £8.00 in advance or £10.00 at the door. You can buy them in advance at this location.

In 2005, while on holiday in Devon, rock drummer Kex Gorin fell ill. Without any warning signs, he started to cough up blood and was taken to hospital for x-rays.

That was the start of a living nightmare for him and partner Sally Clark, which eventually led to the former member of rock group Magnum being diagnosed with kidney cancer.
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