Paul Bostaph drums on upcoming Testament album Nick Barker forced to step back due to work visa issues Paul Bostaph Drummer Paul Bostaph (ex-Exodus, ex-Slayer, among others) has joined the ranks alongside originating classic thrash legends Testament - Chuck Billy on vocals, Alex Skolnick on lead guitar, Eric Peterson on rhythm guitar and Greg Christian on bass. Unfortunately drummer Nick Barker will not be recording with Testament on this new album, due to Homeland Security and International Work Visa issues.

Rather than delaying this long awaited return of Testament, the band has chosen to recruit Paul Bostaph, long time friend and member, to record on the much anticipated album. The upcoming cd is tentatively scheduled for a spring 2008 release via Nuclear Blast. Nick Barker states:
"I am with great disappointment and deep-filled sadness no longer involved in the making of the much-anticipated, eagerly awaited new Testament album (...). In July of this year, after returning back to the US from a very enjoyable and successful appearance at [Wâldrock Festival in Holland], I was refused entry into the United States (in Minneapolis en route to San Francisco) due to not having the appropriate visa required by an international artist/entertainer like myself which enables me to enter the country and do my thing, which, of course, in this case was to make music and perform on American soil."

That was pretty much the reason why Barker was unfortunately not on the East Coast shows (Sounds Of The Underground, etc.) in late July, and Testament asked Paul Bostaph to step in. Continues Nick Barker:

"Due to the expense and processing/turn-around time required for such a visa under these circumstances, it is with regret simply impossible for me to be where I need to be right now (in California) with the Testament guys putting the finishing touches to the album/songs/drums and preparing to record. So it makes perfect sense all round to utilize the incredible services of drumming powerhouse Paul Bostaph who is already in the Bay Area, done time with Testament and is a longtime friend of the band. Paul is a phenomenal drummer and will absolutely deliver the goods ten-fold when it comes to the new record."

Paul Bostaph is endorsing Sonor drums, Remo heads, Vater sticks and Paiste cymbals.

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