Andrea Ge new Shure endorser Italian drummer Andrea Ge, best known from bands like Folder and Exilia, has joined in a new partnership with Italian distributor Sisme. He will be playing Shure on his gigs and recordings from now on. Andrea already has endorsements of Sonor, Paiste, Vater and Ecko, yes the clothing brand!

Besides his studio work with many artists, Andrea is also succesful with his Queen Tribute band for quite a while. From September 26 until October 10th, they will be doing a third Queenmania tour in the UK.

Drummerszone asked Andrea about his new endorsement, and Andrea tells us:
"During all my activities, I received many different offers for endorsements. I searched, tested and chose what I thought was best for me. And I can tell you honestly, I refused many offers! I am talkin' about quality and sound. With Shure I am finally satisfied and proud of my endorsements because I can really make use of them.

I think that mics are the last step. They are really important for my live sound. Usually you can find good mics in a studio, but those types of microphones do not all have the best sound for live drums, so I prefer to have my Shure live set bag always with me, haha!

The last things missing in the list are probably the drum heads. I am using 2 different brands now, one for the bass drum and another for toms and snare. So at the moment I can't really decide which one to pick :-)"

Andrea's complete setup

  • Snare 14" Sonor Delite / Designer
  • TOM 12" Sonor Delite / Designer
  • Bass Drum 24" Sonor Delite / Designer
  • Floor Tom 16" Sonor Delite / Designer
  • Sound Edge HiHat 14" Paiste Signature
  • Power Crash 17" Paiste Signature / Innovations
  • Heavy Bell Ride 20" Paiste Signature / Innovations
  • Power Crash 18" Paiste Signature / Innovations
  • Heavy China 18" Paiste Signature / Innovations
  • Sampler: V-Drum TD 10 Roland, Multi track mixer Zoom, minidisk Sony, Phone Amplifier Akai
  • Vater sticks 5B

For a complete overview and his activities, visit his web site at:

Below you find a video of Andrea's drum solo at Harley Cafe (VA), April 28th 2007.

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