Mark Napier parting ways with My Shameful Jürgen Fröhling is the group's new sticksman Drummer Mark Napier parts ways with My Shameful Drummer Mark Napier and My Shameful, the doom/death metal band with Finnish, German and American members, have parted ways. Replacing Napier in the group's line-up is Jürgen Fröhling of Neocosmic.

Jürgen Fröhling's first gig with My Shameful will take place at the Doom Shall Rise festival next week, on April 27-28 the Chapel in Göppingen, Germany.

My Shameful started as a a two-person studio project in Finland in 1999. The band have recorded three demos and three albums so far. The demos were recorded with Sami Rautio and Harri Jussila as participating members, the albums with Sami Rautio as the only member. My Shameful is currently based in Bavaria, Germany.

My Shameful's latest album, "The Return to Nothing", came out in 2006 via Firebox Records.
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