Johannes Großmann leaving Necrophagist Drummer's last show is at the California Metalfest on April 1 Necrophagist drummer Johannes Gromann Necrophagist drummer Johannes Großmann has decided to leave the group. Großmann's very last drumming duty for Necrophagist will be at the second day of the annual California Metalfest on April 1. Comments the drummer:

"I'm not a band member anymore, because I quit the band. I cannot do the full-time touring scedule. I'm doing the rest of the Euro tour dates 'til March 14th [and the California Metalfest] and then I'm out. But you guys don't need to grieve, I'll keep on playing drums of course and you'll definitely hear of me in the future."

Necrophagist claim to have found a replacement drummer, but have not revealed a name yet.

Großmanno played on the German death metallers's last album, "Epitaph" (2004), and took part in the touring activities following its release.

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