New world record longest continuous drum roll On the 14 and 15th October 2005, four drummers - Ed Freitas (photo), Liam Watts, Terl Bryant and Calum Rees - took up the challenge to beat the Guinness World Record for the 'Longest Continuous Drum Roll by a group' which stood at 12 hours.

After a tremendous physical and mental strain, the team managed to set a new record (as yet still unofficial) of 22 hrs, 5 minutes & 23 seconds!

Preparation for the submission to Guinness World Records has begun. This is a task in itself which requires careful collation of logs, reports, video evidence etc.

The participants continued to raise funds for Cancer Research UK until the 8th November 2005. Total funds raised was over £480.

A special word of thanks to everyone who pledged support and sponsored them, the guys express the sincerest appreciation and thank you in the very highest regard. congratulate Ed Freitas (photo), Liam Watts, Terl Bryant and Calum Rees with their new world record. Great work for a good cause!
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