Peter Erskine and Dr. Um's new album On Call Two albums filled with fusion and electric jazz Peter Erskine and Dr. Um\'s new album On Call - Two albums filled with fusion and electric jazz Peter Erskine, no matter who he plays with, what he plays, or where he plays, it is always on a level that only a few can grasp during a life time. Skilled to the bone and always with the right intention, showing levelled and ultimate control over his instrument playing sonically in perfect harmony on the instrument and with his band members. But the best perhaps, is that when listening and watching Peter Erskine there is always that undying attention span that just keeps you focused. And once again, he pulls it off with the Dr. Um band on 'On Call,' a double album of which the second is the band playing live in Italy.

"This is my favorite recording yet!"
- Peter Erskine

An homage to the greats
'On Call' is an ode to many of the greats Peter Erskine and his band members have played with or consider huge inspirations. The opening song For the Time Being is a tribute to the legendary percussion master Airto Moreira, inspired by his work on Weather Report's Orange Lady.
"I've learned so much about percussion and drums from listening to Airto ever since I was in high school. I consider him a genius. The consciously dry percussion hits in Orange Lady are my impression of pure Airto."

But the album is dedicated to the whole broad spectrum of Jazz and Fusion artists that the band admire.

Tony Williams and the Miles Davis Quintet were the reference point for John Beasley to write If So Then. Listen to the open Tony Williams-sound in the drum solo Peter Erskine plays here.

Listen to If So Then on Spotify

Don Grolnick
Keyboardist and composer Don Grolnick wrote Steps Ahead's classic track Pools. 'Uncle Don' is Peter Erskine's ode to this legendary artist of who he says informs my musical choices more than just about anyone else. The melody of 'Uncle Don', where bass and tenor are doubled was inspired on Pools.
- For many years Don Grolnick was also James Taylor's favorite pianist before he passed away in 1996.

Listen to Steps Ahead's Pools on Spotify

John Beasley also wrote the fifth track Silver Linings, honoring the late Horace Silver. Peter Erskine's motivation to have this track on the album is cut and clear: none of this music would exist without Horace.

Two Paths, written by Benjamin Shepherd, is for the great Allan Holdsworth. The intro is a bass solo and Shepherd wrote it when he was in his early 20's. While hoping he could record the track with Allan Holdsworth, it sure found its right place on 'On Call'.

Disc two features the Dr. Um Band live in Occhiobello, Italy on July 30, 2017. On it the band also plays three tracks from the first two albums the Dr. Um Band released: 'Second Opinion' (2017) and 'Dr. Um and the Lost Pages' (2016).

On Call - The album

The musicians
  • Peter Erskine - all drum materials
  • Bob Sheppard - saxophone
  • John Beasley - piano/keyboards
  • Benjamin Shepherd - electric bass

Album #1 contains all new original material recorded at Sweetwater Sound in Indiana.
Album #2 features the Dr. Um Band live in Occhiobello, Italy on July 30, 2017.

Disc one was recorded during an engineering master class.
"The organic connection between the two discs happens because at the studio session, there was an audience. They were incredibly attentive to the music, and we liked that."
- Peter Erskine

'On Call' was released on April 6, 2018 on Peter Erskine's own label Fuzzy Music.

Track Listing

      album #1
    1. For The Time Being
    2. Might As Well Be
    3. If So Then
    4. Uncle Don
    5. Silver Linings
    6. Two Paths

      album #2
    1. Hipnotherapy (live)
    2. Hawaii Bathing Suit (live)
    3. Dreamsville (live)
    4. Eleven Eleven (live)
    5. Northern Cross (live)

    Produced by Peter Erskine
    Co-produced by Mark Hornsby
    Recorded and mixed by Mark Hornsby at Sweetwater Studio, with Carlo Buson ('live' recording, Italy) and Aaron Walk ('live pre-mix)
    Mastered by Ken Love
    Executive Producer: Chuck Surack
    Cover art designed by Connie Beecher
    Label: Fuzzy Music

    Listen to 'On Call' on Spotify

    Peter Erskine's Stuff
      • Vic Firth
        Drumsticks, Brushes & Mallets
      • Tama
        Tama Star Drums
      • Zildjian Cymbals
      • Remo drumheads
      • Meinl Percussion
      • Zoom
      • Shure microphones
      • Roland V-Drums
      • Protection Racket
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