Steve Gadd's new album plus drum solo from The DZ Vault March 23 Steve Gadd Band released Steve Gadd\'s new album plus drum solo from The DZ Vault In November 2007, Steve Gadd was in the Netherlands to perform with Dutch artist Alain Clark. Steve recorded Clark's album 'Live it Out' and was flown in for the cd-release party. Yes, a CD, because there were no music streaming services in 2007, only illegal peer-to-peer download platforms. The day after the show, Steve Gadd had a sold-out clinic evening in venue Patronaat in Haarlem. Below is the second video of his two hour session, and information on his new album with the Steve Gadd Band, released on March 23.

Steve Gadd, who's official name is Stephen Kendall Gadd, opened this evening with his classic moment on brushes and vocals. Seconds after the immense applause for this opening, he kicked off with a snare drum phrase, took it to the drumset and improvised on it as he went along.

Watch Steve Gadd enjoying himself with the love for his instrument. Which should be enough for everyone watching. But then, his timing, his groove, his touch that is in the moment, the creativity, the flow and all that you hear and see in the video is just so right on the spot that every drummer wishes to be on.

The Steve Gadd Spot
Not many drummers really have it, that playing right on the spot - it is the unique that makes you an outstanding and perhaps legendary musician. Gadd has it, Steve Jordan has it, while Steve Smith plays any style and can even copy styles of nearly every drummer. When you hire Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Hamilton or later generation guys like Aaron Spears, they all lay down their signature in that same unique spot. There are a lot of talented musicians to mention on this level.

Still, with Steve Gadd, the music he plays just has that other different touch. He lays down that Gadd-Thing, that feel, that timing and that groove. It makes his drumming truly unique. And he has been doing that for decades already, relentlessly.

Watch Steve Gadd from the Drummerszone Vault, recorded in 2007 and re-rendered in 2018, just because we couldn't lose these great recordings of this Legend among all drumming legends.

Steve Gadd - Drum solo

Check Steve Gadd's artist page for all the 85(!) photos from this evening. We added all the photos from that evening.

Steve Gadd's new album
On March 23 a new and self-titled album of the Steve Gadd Band will be out. Gadd is once again the leader and producer of the band and the album. The fourth album is released by BFM Jazz and features Walt Fowler on trumpet and flugelhorn, Jimmy Johnson on bass, Michael Landau on guitar, and the newest member of Steve Gadd Band, Kevin Hays on keyboards and vocals.

Walt Fowler, Jimmy Johnson and Mike Landau are all in James Taylor's touring band. This album 'Steve Gadd Band' follows Gadditude (2013), 70 Strong (2015) and Way Back Home (Live from Rochester, NY)(2016), which was nominated for a Best Contemporary Instrumental Album Grammy.

Steve Gadd Band 2018

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"All the guys in the band are good friends of mine, people I like being around—not just musically but in general. It's great to be able to play with guys you like and create more opportunities to keep playing with them."
- Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd playsCover self-titled Steve Gadd Band - 2018
Cover self-titled Steve Gadd Band - 2018
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