New Benny Greb video: Mrs. Thomas Including Grebfruit 2 interview New Benny Greb video: Mrs. Thomas Benny Greb premiered 'Grebfruit 2' at the Meinl Drum Festival, and Meinl cymbals just published the latest video from this album, Mrs. Thomas, on YouTube. We added it below with another track from 'Grebfruit 2' and the interview we did with Benny at Meinl Drum Festival in Gutenstetten this year.

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Benny Greb talks Grebfruit 2

"Never before at a drum festival have we seen a crowd so enthusiastic with an opening act. With Grebfruit 2, Benny has once again topped his creativity in his relentless effort to give it the best he can. In the interview videos below he states "I think I got better at producing," an understatement compared to the first 'Grebfruit', or even the 'Brass Band' album. The standards of this musician are the dream of many aspiring to even come near the level of Benny Greb."

Benny Greb - Mrs. Thomas

Benny Greb talks Grebfruit 2

How to order or listen Grebfruit 2
Like many artists, Benny appreciates ordering through his website. Of course you can listen to it on iTunes or Spotify, but that doesn't support the artist that well.Benny Greb - Strings

Benny uses these Meinl cymbals in this video
  • 08" Byzance Dark Splash (R&D prototype) - top
  • 08" Byzance Dark Splash (R&D prototype) - bottom
  • 14" Byzance Sand Hats
  • 18" Byzance Sand Thin Crash
  • 14" GenerationX China - underneath Sand Thin Crash
  • 20" Byzance Sand Ride
  • 08" Artist Concept Model Crasher Hats
  • 16" Byzance Sand Hats - prototype
  • 17" Byzance Jazz Medium Thin Crash - top
  • 18" Byzance China - bottom
  • Headliner Percussion Hihat Tambourine
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