Terry Bozzio's 2017 European Solo Tour 'An evening with Terry Bozzio' starts in October Terry Bozzio\'s 2017 European Solo Tour Terry Bozzio is about to embark on a European tour that lasts for a month. The 2017-edition of An Evening With Terry Bozzio - and his incredible drum tech Michel Weekhout, takes them to nine countries on 19 show dates so far. Check if your country is listed, and go see the drummer legend known for his work with Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Missing Persons, Steve Vai, Earl Slick and many, so many many more...

The Big Kit
Of course, The Big Kit will be on stage and played by Terry during the evening. In a nutshell, this is what will be on stage. Check Terry Bozzio's website for the complete setup.
  • 26 toms
  • 2 snares
  • 8 bass drums
  • 53 cymbals
  • 22 pedals (including 5 working hi-hats, wood djembe, foot cymbal, jingle stick, rik, wood tamb, foot tom, 2 metal things, foot gong)
  • xylo, glock, chromatic gongs, big gong
  • 2 electronic drums
  • plus miscellaneous percussion
The Black Page Terry Bozzio Icon Snare Drum
What will not be on stage is DW Drums' The Black Page Terry Bozzio Icon Snare Drum that was on display at the Winter NAMM Show this year.

This snare drum honors the legend that Terry Bozzio is, and the extreme complex percussion piece written for him by Frank Zappa. It has a laser-engraving of the drum notation of The Black Page and a Frank Zappa moustache logo in Dyed Black Pear wood laid in in a background of White Birdseye Maple.

Click here for all the details on The Black Page Terry Bozzio Icon Snare Drum.

dates & places An evening with Terry Bozzio
14.10.2017 Tilburg, Paradox | Netherlands
15.10.2017 Den Haag, Herfstfest | Netherlands
16.10.2017 Wuppertal, Barmer Bahnhof Wuppertal | Germany
18.10.2017 Mannheim, Pop Akademie | Germany
20.10.2017 Uden, Markant Uden | Netherlands
21.10.2017 Osnabrück, Gaste Garage | Germany
22.10.2017 Diest, Adams Muziekcentrale NV | Belgium
24.10.2017 Burgebrach, Musikhaus Thomann | Germany
25.10.2017 Nordhausen, Ratssaal im Bürgerhaus | Germany
26.10.2017 Potsdam, Lindenpark | Germany
28.10.2017 Katowice, Teatr Rialto | Poland
31.10.2017 Vilnius, Club Vakaris | Lithuania
02.11.2017 Riga, Art of Riga Jazz 2017 | Latvia
03.11.2017 Tallinn, New Arts Museum Kumu | Estonia
04.11.2017 Espoo, Sellosali | Finland
05.11.2017 Äänekoski, Suolahtisali | Finland
06.11.2017 Pori, Validi Karkia Club | Finland
08.11.2017 Stockholm, Fasching | Sweden
10.11.2017 Goteborg, Nefertiti | Sweden

Stay up to date with the schedule on www.terrybozzio.com. For bookings, please contact Maximum Booking at info@maximumbooking.com.

Terry Bozzio endorses
  • DW Drums
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • Vic Firth drumsticks
  • Attack drumheads

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