Dave Weckl launches his Online School Already 10 hours of courses to follow Dave Weckl launches his Online School - Already 10 hours of courses to follow Dave Weckl's new Online School features a growing collection of courses including hand/foot technique, ergonomic setup, full drum tuning course, full play along packages (with lessons), exclusive live footage (with lessons from the hotel room), drum solo course, and there is much more to come. In addition all members get invited to Dave's private Facebook group where he interacts with you and where you can upload your playalongs and get feedback from the entire community.

Dave Weckl introduction to his Online School

When you enroll, you get lessons and material Dave Weckl has spent a lifetime developing. All filmed in HD from multiple angles, with sound mixed by Dave. Every nuance of technique, setup, musicality, tuning, and more, is presented and demonstrated as only Dave can do. And it's perfect for drummers of all ages and playing levels. "An Encyclopedia of Dave...fully updated and always evolving," as Dave puts it.

Lessons on the go
Dave's school is powered by Teachable, that have an app that accesses all the courses and lessons on your iOS devices. Or, enjoy it on your Mac or PC. However, there is no app for Android or Windows devices available.

Complete Hand Development curriculum example
In this class you find Dave's full approach for developing matched and traditional grip techniques, including:
  • Develop and Improve Your Technique
  • Start Introduction to Hand Technique (7:50)
  • Start Stick and Hand Relationship (30:37)
  • Start Stick and Hand: Traditional Grip (19:44)
  • Start Finger Control (8:48)
  • Start Moeller Technique (24:32)
All courses online in Dave Weckl's Online School
  • Complete Hand Development
    Dave's full approach for developing matched and traditional grip techniques.
  • Foot Development
    Building Great Technique and Strength
  • Make It Groove/Make It Swing (coming soon!)
    Playing approaches for rock, funk, and jazz.
  • Drum Solo Course (coming soon!)
  • Breakout Topics
  • Play Along Packages
    Full Dave Weckl Play Along Packages that are included in the Dave Weckl Online School. Including 106 minutes of 'Just Groove Me' with Oz Noy and Will Lee
  • Guest Instructors
    Guest instructors who teach lessons in the Dave Weckl Online School
  • Lessons From The Road
    Live Footage and Lessons from Dave's Travels
Teachers Affiliate Program
Dave's Affiliate Program pays teachers back for every student they bring in to the Online School. All of the lessons in Dave's school provide endless material to work on with drummers of all ages. Teachers can sign up for the school, get in contact and get things up and running.

Where is this school?
Go check it out on daveweckl.teachable.com

Dave Weckl plays and uses
  • Yamaha drums
  • Sabian cymbals
  • Vic Firth drumsticks
  • Remo drumheads
  • LP Percussion
  • Shure microphones
  • Zoom Cameras
  • QSC mixers and monitors
  • Gator cases
  • Gruv gear
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