Watch Marco Minnemann's new album 'Borrego' Double CD featuring Alex Lifeson and Joe Satriani Watch Marco Minnemann\'s new album \'Borrego\' - Double CD featuring Alex Lifeson and Joe Satriani Accompanied by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson on 3 songs and Joe Satriani on 4 songs, Marco Minneman releases once again a new solo album, called 'Borrego'. And when watching the videos below of the tracks Horsepower and Gold Digger you instantly know it is on that high level of song writing that we are used to of Marco. The double CD and concept record contains 24 tracks and 4 bonus tracks on the CD. And Marco has found a unique inspiration for 'Borrego' as well: the beautiful and mysterious desert town in Southern California, Borrego Springs.

Gold Digger - trailer
"Here's a snippet from the first song I wrote for my forthcoming album release about the Borrego desert, here in Southern California. To me, it sort of represents the vibe of the astoshining Borrego valley and its view, unfolding in front of you when driving down the beautiful and empty S2 desert highway. I heard the sound in my head, basically as a soundtrack to the journey. I was thinking about the first people who came here, digging for gold, finding water in caves, etc. So I just wanted to create a sound image to that. This piece is called Gold Digger and it's about founding, building and establishing a desert town."

Horsepower, featuring Joe Satriani

How to order Borrego?
For 'Borrego', Marco has teamed up again with Lazy Bones' Recordings and Producer Scott Schorr, the team behind his solo albums 'EEPS' (2014) and 'Celebration' (2015).
The official release date is July 31, 2017 and is available at PledgeMusic &
The status on all websites is still pre-order when writing this, but when you order through PledgeMusic, you'll receive exclusive access to numerous home videos shot by Marco and two Borrego tracks in advance of the release (pre-order only), plus one unreleased Marco demo track. With every order you'll also receive a digital download of the album.

A signature sound and cohesive vibe of melodic, heavy art rock.

disc 1
  1. Sandstorm
  2. The Healer - Featuring Joe Satriani
  3. Thunderstorm
  4. Sculptures
  5. A Random Place
  6. North Bound - Featuring Joe Satriani
  7. Palms Inn Blues
  8. Cutting It Short
  9. Mirage
  10. Gold Digger
  11. On That Note - Featuring Alex Lifeson and Elizabeth Carlson on violin
  12. Everyday Springtime 2017
  13. South End - Featuring Alex Lifeson
  14. One Margarita (and the Milky Way)

disc 2
  1. Horsepower - Featuring Joe Satriani
  2. What Brought You Here?
  3. 3 Ghosts in a Saloon
  4. Homicide
  5. Lady in White
  6. Vallecito
  7. Hometown - Featuring Joe Satriani
  8. Roadrunner
  9. What Can I Hide?
  10. Broken Part

Exclusive Bonus Tracks for CD
  1. Walls
  2. Why Should I Care?
  3. And Over Again
  4. OTN (REMIX) Featuring Alex Lifeson and Tony Levin

Marco Minneman endorses
  • DW Drums
  • Hardcase
  • Zildjian cymbals
  • Promark
  • Audix microphones
  • Evans drumheads
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