Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer's heart problems Band forced to cancel at least one concert Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer suffered from heart complications Tuesday, forcing the band to cancel their show in Concord, California yesterday. Chances are that a show in George, Washington, scheduled for Saturday, will be postponed too.

According to celebrity gossip and entertainment news site TMZ, a source close to the band stated that Joey has had heart issues in the past. The source also stated that the 64-year-old drummer is planning to undergo heart surgery but this has not been confirmed at the moment of writing.

Aerosmith regrets not being able to perform for their fans, the band states on their Facebook page. The posting also directs those who were planning to attend the 'Let Rock Rule' tour show to receive their refunds at the point of purchase.

Joey Kramer has been the drummer in Aerosmith since the band was founded in 1970.
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