Shane Gaalaas releases new single Drummer embarks on 11-date drum clinic tour in Japan Los Angeles-based Canadian drummer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Shane Gaalaas has set a May 20 release date for his forthcoming digital single, Tales From A Fantastic Lumbar.

The release will coincide with an 11-date drum clinic tour of Japan set to kick off May 22. Shane's drum clinic tour is powered by Pearl, Remo, Vic Firth and Zildjian.

For his new single Tales From A Fantastic Lumbar Shane Gaalaas - known from B'z, Cosmosquad, and Diesel Machine among others - teamed up again with keyboardist/songwriter Peter Fernandes and noted bassist Ric Fierabracci (Cosmosquad, Planet X).

Says Shane:
"The cut we did with Greg a couple of years ago was a lot of fun so Peter and I talked about collaborating on some music. He's got all this heavy jazz musicality but with this uncanny melodic sensibility. So we started to sent each other ideas and this one thing he had sent me really grabbed me. It was great by itself but I heard all this stuff I wanted to try with it and he just let me run with it. I think initially he was horrified, "what's with the Black Sabbath?!" Anyhow, we just went back and fourth writing bits and arranging. Given that we're on different coasts and come from pretty different backgrounds, it could have been like pulling teeth. But in the end, it was such a creative and gratifying experience. Ric Fierabracci also lends his ridiculousness on the bass and gave me some insight as to what to play over some of the changes. Initially, I was gonna get one of my guitar player bros to blow on it but I just got this killer Strat and was dusting off some old Yngwie Malmsteen chops. Anyway, I just ended up playing all the guitars and had a blast!"

Staying busy on the recording front, Shane recently laid down drum tracks for both B'z vocalist Koshi Inaba and guitarist Tak Matsumoto's latest solo endeavors. He cut the song Rain off Matsumoto's just released 'New Horizon' album and is the drummer on Inaba's 'Singing Bird' album, due out May 21.

Shane issued his most recent solo album, 'Ascend', last June via Japan's Zain Records and is now available for download at iTunes. The record contains six originals along with an English language re-interpretation of the B'z song Brotherhood, with whom Shane has been touring and recording for the past decade.

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