Carl Palmer's 1982 drum set on sale Available on Nick Hopkin Drums Carl Palmer's 1982 Kit on sale - Available on Nick Hopkin Drums Nick Hopkin Drums got hands on the Carl Palmer kit from 1982, built by English drum company Premier. Premier have confirmed this is the kit they built for Carl in 1982, which he used on Asia's 1983 World tour. Built to Carls specifications it has Chrome plating over steel shells, all toms concerts including the floor toms. According to Nick: "Other than a few minor points, this kit is in stunning condition." Notably and quite funny is his shipping statement about the weight of the kit: "I will ship worldwide but it will cost a lot - please contact me to discuss."

The beast measures these sizes
  • 2 x 24 bass drums
  • 10,12,13,14 toms
  • 16x16 and 18x20 inch floor toms

It features chrome plated steel shells, with a few quirks that are unique to this kit. On Nick Hopkin's site you'll find more details, lots of pictures and some video footage.

Notable features

  • The left hand bass drum has 3 tom post mounts fitted (all original, complete, uncracked).
  • One mounts the 10" tom on a single arm with customised L arm.
  • One mounts the 12" and 13" toms.
  • One mounts a single arm which held a cymbal.
  • It also has a cymbal mount block which mounted a splash cymbal.
  • The right hand bass drum has one tom post mount supporting the post for the 14", and a cymbal mount block and arm for a ride cymbal.
  • Both bass drums have double spurs.
  • The interior of the bass drums have wooden liners fitted to the upper halves to add extra support for the tom/cymbal mounts.
  • The 10" tom isn't fitted with a Premier die cast hoop; this is how Carl used it, and is how it has been left.
  • The 14" tom is fitted with 10 lugs.

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