Michael Wimberly to release two new methods Two new packages for beginning percussionists coming up World-renowned percussionist Michael Wimberly will issue two new packages for beginning percussionists: 'Getting Started on Djembe' and 'Getting Started on Cajon', both released through Hudson Music in June. Each of these titles will be released as an individual dvd and a book/dvd combo package.

According to Hudson, these methods will get you up and running with everything you need to know quickly. Both titles will also provide accurate and educationally correct information about the traditions and techniques of djembe and cajon.

Both of these dvd/book packages contain a brief historical overview, introduction to basic use of the instrument, a complete approach to basic sound production techniques, and a complete series of traditional and contemporary rhythms that can be learned at your own pace. Each of these rhythms is clearly demonstrated on the dvd and transcribed in the book.

Host Michael Wimberly is not only a world-traveling performer, but also a highly experienced educator and his explanations are clear, concise and fun.

Watch the trailer of 'Getting Started on Djembe' here:

And here's the trailer of 'Getting Started on Cajon':

Hudson Music senior drum editor Joe Bergamini says:

"We had discussed bringing out some educational hand-drumming products for a while, and now, with Michael Wimberly, we feel we have the perfect educator to deliver a balance of fun and easy techniques with traditionally correct educational material. Both of these products are going to be really useful, entertaining, and inspiring for beginning percussionists."

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