CD 2006
Disc 1
01. Twist
02. Drum'n'voice
03. Dr. Schnitzel
04. Bachbass
05. Midnight Pizza
06. Marchin'
07. Grebfruit
08. Guitarpiece
09. Slomo
10. Dance
11. Pianopiece
release notes
Benny Greb: "Ive been in the studio for a total of 15 days but it took almost 1 year to finish it. Composing, arranging, singing (from bass- to lead vocals, sometimes up to 14 vocal tracks on one song), bass- guitar- piano- drums, producing, mixing, mastering, cover art-work, movie-cuts for the dvd portion of the release, etc. all of this is a lot of work besides my "normal" musicians day job."
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    artists Grebfruit