The Drummer's Lifeline: Quick Fixes, Hacks, and Tips of the Trade
Book 2017
Disc 1
01. Foreword
02. Choosing Drumsticks, Brushes, Mallets, and Bass Drum Beaters
03. Drumsticks
04. Brushes
05. Mallets
06. Bass Drum Beaters
07. Choosing, Changing, and Tuning Drumheads
08. Drumhead Selection
09. When Should a Drumhead Be Replaced
10. Changing a Drumhead
11. Tuning the Various Drums of the Kit
12. The Snare Drum (Specifically)
13. The Tom-Toms (Specifically)
14. Multiple Toms (Specifically)
15. The Bass Drum (Specifically)
16. Muffling
17. The Snare Drum
18. The Bass Drum
19. Performance and Recording Tips
20. Attitude
21. What Do Other Musicians Say?
22. Mics and Drums
23. Tricks of the Trade
24. Reading Rhythms
25. Timeless Esthetics
26. Care and Maintenance
27. Percussion Repair Kit (Leave Home Without It)
28. Drumheads
29. Drum Shells
30. Cymbals
31. Hardware
32. On the Road Again
33. Cases and Storage
34. Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle (You're Asking Us?)
35. The Business of Music
36. Don't Be Afraid to Say No
37. Maynard Ferguson's Rule on Charity
38. Endorsements and Music Industry Companies
39. General Business Etiquette and Strategies
40. How Can Social Media Best Be Utilized?
41. How Much Self-Promotion Is Too Much?
42. Should I Attend Music Conventions?
43. Is a College Degree Still Valuable?
44. Alternate Careers in Music
45. How Do I Submit a Manuscript for Publication Consideration?
46. Practice Tips to Make the Most of Your Drumming
47. More Practice Tips
48. Cool Warm-Ups
49. Glossary of Words You Should Know
50. Acknowledgements
51. Sources
release notes
Written by renowned authors, Peter Erskine and Dave Black, The Drummer’s Lifeline offers practical, yet “off-beat” solutions to just about any drumming situation someone will most likely encounter, whether you’re a working pro, a student, or a weekend warrior who simply plays the drums for the fun of it. Whatever your musical preference or style, and whatever your level of drumming experience or expertise, the authors promise you’ll find answers to questions you’ve asked yourself before, or answers to questions you didn’t even know existed. Topics include: Over 80 practice, performance, recording, gear, and industry tips Tricks to achieve the desired sounds from your drums Care and maintenance solutions Music business advice, such as fee negotiation and self-promotion Instructions on choosing, changing, and tuning drumheads Warm-up exercises and musical examples A glossary of words you should know
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Peter Erskine talks about his new book "The Drummer's Lifeline"
Legendary Drummer Peter Erskine (Weather Report, Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, and much more) talks about his new book, "The Drummer's Lifeline," co-authored with Dave Black for Alfred Publishing, which gives tips on everything from how to quietly lift brushes off the snare to how to get along with bandmembers, and much, much more. Interview by Drum! editor Nick Grizzle.
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