Tim Wes
The Netherlands
Solo Artist
Tim Wes’s answers to questions about the future of jazz are the most rhythmic of replies. He blows a breath of fresh air into what some describe as "music for old people" – the tunes you hear from his horn are innovative and energetic. Although only 19-years-old, not only is Wes talented and skilled enough as an artist to tackle the classics, he also dares to reinvent the music. With his own unique sound and trendy take on a vintage feel, his debut album On My Way bridges the gap between time and tradition.

Wes grew up in a tight-knit musical family and his kiddie shoes quickly followed in the footsteps of his father and brothers. His musical journey began playing the recorder, followed by exploring the clarinet and soprano sax. But in no time, he was honking a different horn. Flash forward to today – five years after discovering his beloved tenor saxophone – and Tim Wes is busy recording his first album. That jazz is the main ingredient will come as no surprise, but his musical taste is also seasoned with hip-hop, soul, funk and pop.

The debut release of his album On My Way in August 2012, will be accompanied by the premiere of a documentary about Tim Wes with the same title. This 65 minute feature film captures both the process and the progress of an instrumentalist finding his own voice.

And as soon as the sound of tones can be translated into words, we’ll be sure to sum up his symphonic wizardry. Until that day, let’s leave it to his sax to blow you away!
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