Sabrina Starke
* August 09, 1979
Suriname, The Netherlands
Solo Artist
Sabrina Starke is a singer-soulwriter with a social mission, born in Surinam and raised in Rotterdam. In the Netherlands, she was first known for her self released 'Yellow Brick Road' album in 2008 and single 'Do For Love'. The album was picked up by Blue Note / EMI, and stayed 52 weeks on the top album charts. The album has been certified platinum. In 2010, she released her second album 'Bags & Suitcases' and in June 2012 the album 'Outside The Box', the first album on her new label 8Ball Music. The most recent project Sabrina Starke has been working on is 'Lean on Me, the songs of Bill Withers' which debuted May 3rd 2013. With 2 Edison Awards (Best Newcomer of 2008 and the Edison Jazzism people choice) and a Radio 6 Award for Best Album for 'Lean on Me, the songs of Bill Withers', she is on a mission to spread her music and beliefs further into the world.

It all started when she worked as a youth worker in Rotterdam. In the five years she worked there she saw what growing up in an unstable environment can do for the personal development of youths. She saw the importance of receiving love and support, finding your talents and setting high goals for yourself. In that time she set up numerous projects with the goal to support, uplift and encourages young people to stay on the right path and find and follow their dreams. In the meantime her own passion for music grew more and more. It was only a matter of time that she, herself, followed her own dreams. She did, so by quitting her job with one goal: To focus 100% on her passion.

Armed with a guitar and a unique voice, she decided to develop her song-writing skills. Growing up, she was exposed to a wide variety of music. Billy Holiday, Nina Simone and Tracy Chapman were a major influence. Her musical style arose from a fusion of Soul, Jazz, Folk and Reggae music. The constant themes in "Starke's" music are love and empowerment. She sings about her life and the world surrounding her.
But success did not come easy. The road was long before she had her first big success. After many years of hard work, her biography has become an impressive list of music highlights.

Winning 'Talent Night' in 2006 led to a performance at the Apollo Theater in New York. That same year, she won 2nd prize at the 'Grote Prijs van Nederland'. Her first studio recording dates back to 2007, with her participation in the MCN-initiated 'Unsigned' project called 'The Mighty 8'. This resulted in a hit in her native country Suriname. Shortly thereafter, she won the Music Matters Award, using the prize money to finance her debut album. This album was recorded in Los Angeles.

Her self released debut album 'Yellow Brick Road' (2008) and the single 'Do For Love', established the singer among the top Dutch performers. The album was picked up by Blue Note/EMI and the single 'A Woman's Gonna Try' further cultivated a strong musical career. The album was on the charts for 52 weeks straight and was certified with platinum. She received an Edison Pop Award (Best Newcomer of 2008) as well as the Edison Jazzism Public Award.
Two years after the release of 'Yellow Brick Road', her second album, 'Bags & Suitcases' (2010) was released. The album was recorded in Miami, Florida. For that album she joined hands with producer Peter Wallace, who has worked with super stars such as P!nk, Michael Bolton, Herbie Hancock and Alejandro Sanz. For her 3rd album she continued working succesfully with "Wallace".
The album 'Outside The Box' was released on the 1st of June 2012.

The album symbolized a new phase in the career and life of Sabrina Starke, a phase of movement, progress and growth: "Since the first album, I've spent all my time growing and developing myself. To me, an album reflects the period or phase of my life at that time. My personal experiences, emotions, visions, opinions and viewpoints can be heard on each album. With the exception of one mellow tune, I want you to feel an irresistible urge to move when listening to this album. It should give you a feeling of being free, positive, open, and different." It turned out to be a mix of several styles that she loves: Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Pop, and Reggae. Every song is different. She also has two guests on the album. These tracks feature Ziggi Recado and B.A.N.G., both artists with unique qualities, adding color to the songs through their contribution.

For her 4th album she collaborated with the world famous Metropole Orchestra. Recording the music of the legendary Bill Withers whose music has been an inspiration on her. 'Lean on me, the songs of Bill Withers' debuted on May 3rd 2013. Worldwide hits like 'Lean on Me', 'Ain't No Sunshine' and 'Just The Two Of Us' to name a few, were among the selected songs for this album.
It was produced by Grammy award winning music arranger and composer Vince Mendoza.

From January to March 2014 Sabrina will travel through the country with her own theater production 'Lean on me, the songs of Bill Withers'.

"I am not only flattered. I am impressed. Thank you Sabrina for lending your wonderful voice to these songs. You are gifted and a gift to the world." – Bill Withers

Although music is her biggest passion, "Starke" continued to focus on her social mission. It has become part of who she is.
It's her belief to live, learn, love & give (back) and she is very passionate about this. After winning the Music Matters Awards she took on the role of music ambassador of Rotterdam for a year. Promoting music activities for the youths of Rotterdam has been her mission.
In 2009 she joined an organization called One Men. As an ambassador she promoted the "power of the individual." and the belief that "One man can make a difference." For 4 years she dedicated her time and effort to the organization. Deciding in 2012 that it was time to move forward towards other projects that crossed her path, she joined hands with the company Dove for the "Dove Self Esteem program." The mission here is to help build positive self-esteem and inspire young girls to reach their full potential. In November 2013 she released the Self Esteem song "Toss Me A Dream," a song about reaching high goals and the belief that you can be anything you want to be in life.

Her social mission has just started and all these projects are pieces of a puzzle, all part of a bigger plan. That's her belief. She will continue finding projects and organizations that promote personal self-growth, empowerment of youths and women, self-esteem and talent development. And she will continue to create music which not only reflect her beliefs and hopes for the world, but also satisfies the craving of music audiences for soulful and melodic songs.

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