Sabrina Starke
* August 09, 1979
Suriname, The Netherlands
Solo Artist
From the root to the soil, from the dept of her soul, she sings and spreads her music. This singer/songwriter named Sabrina Starke always knew that with music she could touch, inspire and move people. It was with this knowledge she decided to make music one of her main goals in life.

Starting off in a R&B group when she was sixteen her journey started. The journey of searching and discovering herself as a person and as an artist. After participating in several music projects (hiphop & pop) doing backingvocals and featurings she sang in a reggaeband for 4 years. All these different experiences and musical influences formed her into the singer and person she is now.

In 2005 she decided to move forward as a solo artist. Together with her management Dreamlife Entertainment she's making plans for the future. Her music can be described best as a (nice blend) mixture of the old soul, jazz and blues togheter with some country/folk and reggae.

Artists as Billy Holiday, Tracey Chapman, Ray Charles, just to name a few, inspired her growing up and developping as an artist and songwriter. Her songs are promising, diverse and powerful. On stage she creates a show that makes you think back of "the good old days" of rhythem and blues. Using her life and life in general as an inspiration for her songwriting her music is a reflection of who she is where she stands in her life.

Sabrina Starke's backing band:
Rob Vriens - drums
Ruben Montes - percussion
Robert Pronk - bass
Bert Cools - guitar
Almar Nooitmeer - keys
Kim Sleeuwits & Nishaad Wijdenbosch - backing vocals
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